2017 Autumn Budget

Response to the Budget November 2017

  • 22 November November 2017
  • Budget, Autumn 2017, RDEC, tax relief, 12%,

Against a backdrop of tough macro-economic environment conditions, MMP Tax is pleased by the announcements made today by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, expressing the continuation of critical support for innovation, research and development.

The Chancellor stated that he was listening to the voice of business, and that he had reviewed, with business, the R&D tax credit regime and had concluded that in his opinion, it is globally competitive.

He went on to say, ”to make the UK even more attractive for R&D we have accepted industry calls for a reduction in administrative burdens around the scheme and will shortly bring forward measures to deliver them”.

The large company scheme, named Research and Development Expenditure Credits, (“RDEC”), (the corporate tax incentive scheme designed to encourage UK investment in large R&D projects); is given a further increase in generosity from 11% of eligible expenditure to 12% of eligible expenditure incurred from January 2018, a change warmly welcomed by MMP.

There was no mention of the EU science funding programme, Horizon 2020, the €80bn (£71bn), or how this might be replaced or supported by the UK post Brexit.

There was no mention either of any changes to the Patent Box regime, Video Games Tax Relief (“VGTR”) or Animation Tax Reliefs (“ATR”) in this budget. Whilst unquestionably helping all types of businesses, the continued reduction of Corporation Tax means that the incentives provided to encourage small companies developing video games and animation as well as smaller R&:D projects; are, by virtue of the way the tax reliefs are calculated, become less generous than they were at introduction.

David Marshall, Director at MMP Tax Limited, commented: “Investment in our countries technology sector has proven to be critical for sustained economic growth and the development of intellectual property crucial to our position on the world stage. We welcome the governments’ continued support and enhancement to them”. “Anecdotally, many companies continue to claim these reliefs incorrectly which HMRC will no doubt tighten their grip on, alongside reducing the administrative burden”.

Read the full press release here

VGTR State aid approval

MMP announces EU extension of VGTR scheme to 2023

  • 07 November 2017
  • VGTR, tax relief, EU , State Aid, Extension,

MMP is pleased with the news that Video Games Tax Relief has been successfully re-notified to the European Commission. VGTR is a notifiable state aid under EU rules, under the prevention of inter-state competition within the EU. The re-notification extends the State aid clearance of the relief from April 2018 through to April 2023.

One potential positive aspect of leaving the EU is that the tax incentive rules may no longer be bound by EU legislation. Therefore it may be possible for the government to offer more generous technology tax incentives in the future, which MMP would encourage.

Tax incentives are very much a part of the developed world’s tax landscape. These are not EU directives and as such are not impacted by the UK’s status in the EU. Indeed, Australia, the US and Canada introduced tax incentives for research and development long before the UK

Read the press release here

TIGA winner 2017

MMP Tax. Category winner at TIGA Games Industry award

  • 03 November 2017
  • VGTR, tax relief, TIGA, awards, Winner,

TIGA announced MMP Tax as category winner as ‘best tax firm’ for assisting members in claiming Video Games Tax Relief, Animation Tax Relief and R&D Tax Relief

TIGA’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr Richard Wilson presented the award for Best Tax Team to Director of MMP, David Marshall, and Account Director at MMP, Andy Wales.

The award for best tax team recognises excellence in tax work, sound business processes and outstanding commercial results for gaming industry companies.

Read the press release here

TIGA finalist 2017

MMP Tax finalist for TIGA Games Industry award

  • 28 October 2017
  • VGTR, tax relief, TIGA, awards, Finalist,

MMP Tax the specialist technology tax advisor; has been short-listed by TIGA, the trade body for the Video Games development community, for their award for best tax advice firm.

The short listing recognises the contribution that MMP has made in assisting members of TIGA to claim Video Games Tax Relief (VGTR), Animation Tax Relief (ATR) and R&D Tax Relief (R&DTR).

MMP, the specialist technology tax consultant, works with development studios, to ensure that their members gain maximum value from the schemes. MMP’s experience in assisting with the submission of eligible games to the British Film Institute’s cultural test, coupled with their long standing experience of working with HMRC on technology tax reliefs, enables quick and straightforward approval of clients’ VGTR claims

Read the press release here

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