Your start-up is something special

At that initial stage, you're filled with inspiration and motivation, but might need some help to maximise your future success.

Work with a trusted advisory team that recognises all of that - specialists who'll support the growth of your business, ideas, and vision.

How often when you do ask for help, you find that the so-called 'advisor' has never run a start-up, has no real empathy for the highs and lows that leading one brings, and isn’t really listening anyway?

Well. We do.

Our founders are entrepreneurs just like you. So we know what's important.

Saving you TIME

Saving you MONEY

Sharing your PASSION

Whether its loans, grants, innovation tax incentives, or IP planning, we will get you the best outcome and base our competitive fees on the result, so we all gain together.

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It’s easy to think that applying for and fulfilling the requirements of a range of specialist incentives, grants, and tax reliefs doesn't take that much time but…

Are you getting the whole story? Some online providers say it just takes 20 minutes on their app but this can open a pandoras box of:

  • Claiming for projects that aren't eligible
  • Claiming for costs that aren't eligible
  • Claiming for activities that aren't eligible for tax purposes
  • Under claiming
  • Enquiries from HMRC

This approach can end up costing you, diverting time and energy away from your main job of innovating, all for a subpar application. This raises the potential for delays, a costly, time-consuming enquiry process, or failing to win a grant competition you should have won.

Let our experts do the job, saving you time

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One of our new start-up clients saved money by choosing us, a lot of money actually, six months' worth of runway money to be precise, through our expert advice.

Analysing their business, understanding what they were doing, advising them, ended up paying them dividends.

Their previous advisor was cheaper, but their 'advice' actually cost them more, much more than the difference in fee they paid us.

Adding value, saving money

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If you love doing what you do and you love why you do it, then you've found your passion

We are passionate about technology and making our clients' lives easier.

Here at MMP, we're proud to have built a company empowering extraordinary people to do extraordinary things.

That's why we love what we do, and why you'll love working with us.

In every process, every interaction, every task, we are constantly looking for a better way to make it easy for you to work with us. We really care and that comes across in every conversation we have with you.

Oh and no need to take our word for it, have a look at what our clients have to say about working with us.

We're looking forward to helping you too!

Adding value, delivering passion

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