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Grants for technology businesses

MMP offers a comprehensive grant writing service

  • We'll help you identify the best grants available for your business and propose ones we think have the best chance of success with
  • Once a grant is mutually agreed to work on, our engineers and scientists will interview your team
  • We prepare the application and all the supporting documentation needed for the granting authority to make a positive decision
  • We provide ongoing support such as preparing for grant committee interviews or meeting reporting requirements

As you may be aware, there is an interaction between R&D Tax and some grants. But did you know that the receipt of certain types of grants (those classed as notifiable State Aid) could result in your entire R&D Tax claim being reduced by 2/3rds!

That's another reason why it is important to work with a company that will ensure the best application and best outcome is achieved for your business.

This can include scenario planning or ensuring grant projects are ring-fenced to avoid impacting other projects. We'll work with you to maximise value from your innovation.

Make sure your grant doesn't ruin your R&D Tax claim

There are a wide range of grants available to UK businesses:

  • 1

    Regional and targeted grants

    There is a constantly changing landscape of regional and targeted grants which your company might be eligible for. These are dependent on the industry or the company's location.

    MMP has a database of these grants so we keep our clients updated on relevant grants.

  • 2

    Innovate grants

    Innovate UK is the UK's innovation and grant agency. The grants are usually organised into targeted competitions but the SMART grants are open for all types of technology applications.

    They offer matched funding for projects from £25k to £10m.

  • 3

    EU Funding (Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe from 2021 to 2027)

    These are European Funding programmes. The Horizon Europe has €100b of funding over six years.

    These are typically large, multi-participant projects.

Don't miss out - work with a partner who will keep you updated on grant calls relevant to your business.

If you would like to find out more about how we help businesses with Grant applications get in touch or to speak directly and confidentially to a consultant, call us