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Your clients see you as a trusted, reliable advisor, and expect you to demonstrate that expertise across a wide variety of corporate tax services. Companies looking to claim R&D Tax Relief, R&D Expenditure Credits, Patent Box or VGTR will naturally turn to you for specialist advice in these areas.

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If the client's technology or patent estate is complex, can your practice offer the depth of experience and skill needed?

Can you assess that technology from a scientific or engineering perspective, with the knowledge and confidence that can only come from delivering thousands of claims for businesses of all sizes (from start-ups to large and complex organisations)?

While you may submit claims on behalf of your clients, are you providing them with the best service overall?

Technology tax relief claims require a unique combination of knowledge and experience encompassing varied business disciplines: Technology, Tax, Finance, and Operations.

Reduce risk, reduce your clients' workload

If your practice relies on clients to do their own groundwork - determining the eligibility of each project and writing technical summaries themselves - then this is an area where MMP can add value and reduce risk.

The starting point for any technology tax incentive application is the ability to understand and articulate the technology involved.

MMP's qualified scientists and engineers do this all day, every day - it's our speciality. We don't do any other tax or accounting work. Using our deep understanding of the rules and guidance for each technology tax relief scheme, we ensure claims are robust, accurate, and - most importantly - hassle-free for everyone involved.

We manage the whole project, reducing your (and by extension, your client's) workload so you can focus on the client's overall needs.

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Technology Tax Reliefs

MMP delivers real value and enhances your relationship with your clients

Working with MMP

MMP works with numerous accounting and tax practices, assisting them and their clients with technology tax relief applications.

Your clients will benefit from MMP's high levels of service, commitment and passion, from the first meeting through to approval. We keep you informed at every stage, so you feel fully involved in the claim process.

Get in touch with us whenever your clients ask about any of these services:

Professional Conduct in Relation to Taxation (PCRT)

MMP takes its PCRT responsibilities extremely seriously, and rigorously follows, respects and adheres to those principles and standards.

With all the changes in the R&D Tax landscape to combat abuse while supporting genuine innovative businesses, it is critical that you choose the right partner to work with.

Benefits of working with MMP

We offer several commercial models and services for accounting firms and practices and are happy to discuss options that best suit you and your clients. Our partnerships are tailored to ensure that your clients get the best service and value from each claim, and that they continue to see you as a trustworthy, respected practice.

We're looking to work with accountancy firms that don't/can't offer specialist help with these types of claims, e.g. where the client's needs are too large or complicated to manage in-house. We're also keen to hear from practices that need support in dealing with HMRC enquiries.

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