Our delivery methodology

How we achieve more for you

step by step

Our tried and tested methodology is designed to get the most out of your valuable time with the minimum effort required of you



The kick-off starts our engagement, the initial stage when our teams meet and we get to know each other.

It's a chance for everyone to ask questions, understand our methodology and your chosen approach.

At the same time, we'll learn more about your technology, company structure and projects, and agree on the ideal project schedule to ensure your deadlines are met.

Each client is assigned a delivery team, led by an expert consultant with professional engineering and/or scientific qualifications, and an experienced Relationship Manager who'll keep you informed at every stage.



The technical consultants assigned to your project will carry out in-depth interviews with your team, to discuss your technology, systems, structures and IP, and to gather financial data.

We speak your language, steering clear of jargon and making conversations easy and enjoyable. We take detailed notes during each interview, so your team doesn't have to worry about preparing or writing anything up in advance.



Once we have all the information and documents needed, our team will analyse them using our experience, skills, and carefully developed ISO9001 processes and reports.

This ensures efficient, timely processing of the claim to achieve the best outcomes.

We do all the heavy lifting so you and your team can concentrate on your business.

Financial Calc

Financial Calc

We process and prepare the financial information for each service we provide. We discuss our findings with you in detail, so we can fully explain and justify any recommendations we make.

For tax incentive claims, we will then work directly with your accountant to ensure everything is submitted to HMRC correctly and on time.

Receive Cash

Our specialist know-how and strict adherence to legislation and industry regulations ensure you receive the cash you're entitled to as soon as possible. Whether you've applied for an incentive claim, loan or grant, we get results as quickly as possible.

If there are questions from the granting authority during the claim, we will deal with them on your behalf. If there are any questions from HMRC, we will support you in defending/justifying the claim if needed.

Further enquiries from HMRC are typically rare, but in those cases we work directly with HMRC to resolve any concerns. Through this collaborative approach, we're proud to say we've never had a claim rejected - for 18 years and counting!

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