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Alexis Marz 09 April, 2020

MMP is proud to be shortlisted for the SME National Business Awards 2019, in the ‘Service Excellence’ category.

We’re looking forward to when the winners are revealed at the awards final show at Wembley Arena in December.

We work hard to achieve service excellence through our processes, culture, and enthusiasm


We’ve developed our service delivery processes to provide excellence from start to finish. MMP is ISO9001 certified – an international standard for quality management – and has been since 2016. All of our work is based on this quality control process.

When our working relationship with a new client begins, their Account Manager will continue to work with them alongside a service delivery team, which includes a Lead Consultant, Assistant Consultant and Consulting Coordinator. The Lead Consultant and Assistant Consultant are both technical experts, with a scientific or engineering degree and extensive training in technology tax reliefs.

Every step in our processes is designed to reduce the workload for the client. For instance, we do the legwork to visit and interview the client’s technical staff. Based on these interviews, MMP writes a report describing the eligible technology. MMP identifies the eligible R&D costs involved, and MMP prepares the financial calculation. We use all the skills and tools at our disposal to make sure you get paid the correct amount as quickly as possible.

In the event of an HMRC enquiry, MMP will handle every stage in the process, preparing the documentation and preparing your team for any discussions needed. MMP will also act as your advocate.

“This is is the best overview of our department's challenges and achievements that has ever been compiled! Thank you. I shall make sure it gets circulated to the right people on our management board! I'm very happy with the contents and happy for you to submit this to HMRC. Thank you and the team for all of your hard work!”

MMP has supported companies in submitting R&D Tax Relief and VGTR claims representing more than £470m of eligible expenditure. We also sit on HMRC’s Consultative Committee, giving us the ability to provide clients with direct feedback on the impact of HMRC’s policies and decisions. This also keeps us up to date with policy changes and updates, ensuring we continue to provide the best service to clients.


Our company values encapsulate our dedication to service excellence. One of our core values is to “make clients’ lives easier”. We incorporate this in everything we do, from organising engagements around our clients’ corporate timetables to holding ‘report back’ meetings. Ongoing training keeps our team current on both knowledge and skills. We also invest in our staff by paying for them to achieve further professional qualifications

“Thanks again for a stellar job. I have recommended your firm already to others but will continue to do so 🙂.

It is as always great to work with you and your team.

You are a pleasure to work with and achieve great things!”

Measuring Success

We measure success in several ways: our client retention level, customer feedback, and data from follow-up surveys. We maintain an extremely high client retention rate of over 90% year-on-year.

At the end of an engagement, we hold a recap meeting with the client. This acts as an opportunity to review the work we did, the results we obtained, and recommendations for improvement to make the most of the tax incentives going forward.

We also ask the client to complete an anonymous digital survey. To date, 100% of respondents strongly agree with the statements “Overall, I am very satisfied with the way MMP performed on this project.” and “My MMP contact is making a positive contribution to my business”.

MMP is an award-winning, ISO9001 technology consultancy at the forefront of providing service excellence and independent tax incentive advice.

To experience our service excellence first-hand, please get in touch or to speak directly and confidentially to a consultant, call us.

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Alexis Marz MMP Tax
Written by Alexis Marz

Alexis is one of the founding Directors of MMP Tax.

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