Making life easier for clients

So much more than R&D tax credits

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Making clients' lives easier is in our company's DNA.

We're here to help you maximise the time you can spend achieving great things with your business.

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You can do this while we deliver our service

How do we make working with us feel easier for our clients?

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    We care about you, your company, and your technology.

    Every step in our methodology is developed with your needs in mind. We want to ensure we achieve great outcomes based on your individual needs, but at the same time we don't want to bombard you with questions, or requests for even more information. We've carefully designed and reviewed all of our processes to minimise how much you need to tell us, and how much we need to ask.

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    We have excellent team continuity.

    That means that we know who you are, what your company does, your team structure, and who to contact at each stage - all without asking the same questions again and again. Our clients tell us that's a big help, one of the reasons they initially came to MMP and continue to work with us.

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    We manage the project delivery so you don’t have to.

    No need to chase us for updates by phone or email. Your assigned Customer Relationship Manager will provide you with regular progress reports, keeping you up to date at every stage.

"The consultants were like a stealth operating unit. Once we pushed the go button, you just got on with it."

How do we measure our success?

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    Our client retention rate is well over 90%, a number we've worked hard to achieve and are incredibly proud to claim. We've built long-standing relationships with many clients, including some we've worked with ever since the R&D tax credits scheme first started in 2000.

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    Our team puts in the effort, and our clients clearly appreciate it. After every engagement, we discuss with them how we've done as well as sending out a customer satisfaction survey. 100% of our clients 'strongly agree' that they are satisfied with the MMP team.

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    Client referrals are also our number one source of new business. We're extremely grateful for this vote of confidence, and hope that satisfied clients will continue to spread the word.

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