Our Story

What is now MMP Tax started the same way many of our clients' businesses did - as an idea, the desire to do things differently.

To be better, smarter, and faster, injecting some fun into what's commonly seen as a 'boring' process, and really caring about we do.

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Who is MMP

We looked at how the market we were in was working (or wasn't). What was already effective, what needed improvement, what clients liked and wanted, and what they didn't.

We believed in starting something special, where everyone we brought into our tribe felt like they belonged. We sought out engineers and scientists who loved and were excited by technology, and truly cared about providing excellent customer service.

We wanted to create an inclusive, open atmosphere and culture. An environment where everyone felt safe to ask questions and not be judged, safe to challenge the status quo, safe to ask for help and not feel exposed. That way, the whole team would feel empowered to act and think for themselves, and to do things differently.

We've seen (and worked in) plenty of firms where the above isn't the case - maybe you have too? That isn't the kind of environment that's conducive to great work, or happy employees. We knew we needed to pioneer those changes in our industry, to lead the way and set a positive, successful example.

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Technologists, Scientists and Engineers

Right from the start we wanted to make conversations richer and easier with our client's technical staff. They may have been initially sceptical about the process, or had had poor experience with previous advisors that may not have dedicated, professionally qualified technical staff on their team.

After comparing and reviewing existing approaches, we were determined to disrupt the industry norms. We attracted people who are passionate about technology, with science or engineering qualifications, and trained them to be great consultants.

Our processes were built with a distributed, on the road, client-focused team in mind, built tools with smart technology to streamline and automate tasks, giving our people more time and freedom to think and to come up with new, innovative ideas.

We've built a stable, strong firm with this approach, working with great clients who trust us with their business, and who say really nice things about us. They stay with us year after year, many have become friends. Our team feels secure and feels a sense of belonging, and this comes across in all our client relationships. We all care about each other as people, and we care about our clients in the same way - not just as businesses, but as the people behind them.

You could be next? We'd love to welcome new clients to be part of the next chapter in the MMP story so you can experience why we believe in doing what we do, how we do it, and what we do, that we believe is special.

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"We believed in starting something special where everyone we brought into our tribe felt safe and felt like they belonged. We wanted engineers and scientists who loved technology and truly cared about providing excellent customer service".