Technology incentives for the UK space & satellite industry

Plans set out in the UK's National Space Policy, published in December 2015, is to grow the market share of the UK space sector to 10% of the global space economy - £40 billion by 2030.

MMP is already providing advice on available tax incentives, IP planning and Grant applications to the UK Space industry.

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The engineers and scientists at MMP have experience in the challenges of this highly specialist area of development. We understand the technological challenges your development team faces, like time pressures, critical reliability demands, size and weight constraints. This knowledge means our team can maximise your benefit, whilst minimising your input.

The UK space industry is critically important to the future of the UK economy. Let MMP help you to ensure you're obtaining the greatest benefits from government incentives in the form of grants and tax reliefs as well as IP planning and strategy.

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Working with MMP

To help companies like yours, we only employ professionally qualified engineers and scientists. We believe this helps us to better understand what you are entitled to, while reducing your time and effort.

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If your business working in any of these cutting edge areas, get in touch with us:

  • small, micro, miniaturized satellites
  • broadcast equipment
  • Geo-location, tracking
  • Geospatial intelligence for precision agriculture
  • Space-based solar power
  • Space debris removal
  • Secure and ubiquitous internet
How we help

Clear jargon free IP advice, technology-based tax and grant incentives targeted to UK Space companies


Research and Development Expenditure Credits

In most large businesses, R&D isn't done in one facility, and it's often woven throughout different locations. It can be time-consuming and cumbersome to identify and calculate, but it doesn't have to be and isn't with MMP

More about RDEC

R&D Tax Credits

Our engineers and scientists speak your technical team's language, ensuring efficient and productive interviews and that we produce accurate, easy-to-read project write-ups for submission to HMRC

More about R&DTR

R&D Grants

MMP offers a comprehensive grant writing service, taking care to find the right one for you then working with you to write a compelling application for the best chance of success

More about R&D Grants

Research and Development Capital Allowances

This is an incentive with many possible interactions and timing issues so you need to make sure you are receiving expert advice to ensure you don't miss out on any valuable benefits

More about RDA

Patent Box

Patent Box is a complex incentive. We have a team of experts ready to understand your business and help provide the rigour needed to calculate, maximise and document your claim.

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IP Planning

Intangible assets are becoming some of your most important assets in this AI and deep tech world. We make sure you're maximising the benefit you can get from them

More about IP planning

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