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Anisa Akthar MMP Tax

Ese Ediale & Anisa Akthar 28 June 2021

To end this year of fund-raising support we raised money for the incredible dogs and their handler volunteers at Canine Concern.

We chose this charity because we wanted to support all the work that they do in providing care dogs to the whole community, specialising in bringing joy and reassurance into the lives of the elderly or vulnerable; and those struggling with loneliness or mental wellbeing in a variety of settings such as care homes, hospitals, hospices and offices to reduce stress levels in staff and many more.

The team felt that during these trying Covid times, that it would be great to support Canine Concern and the work they do to uplift and encourage those in our community.

The fund-raising challenges were completed over a two-week period (Monday 22 March - Sunday 4 April 2021). We all set individual targets that would go above and beyond our normal exercise activities. Press ups and excessive step counts were just some of the challenges opted for while kilometers of rowing and cycling also featured. We had regular check-ins and updates to see how everyone was getting on - and ensure no one was causing themselves an injury!

The well-being of staff is important to MMP. We value both their mental and physical health, so a charity challenge to get us all active together during the final stretch of lockdown was agreed.

Our Company believes in supporting local communities and raising money for great causes, we feel it is right to show our support where we can.

Two members of the team shared their experience about the challenges they undertook.

“I thought this was a great opportunity for me to get the blood pumping on a regular basis over the two weeks.”
"Since lockdown, I've been less likely to get out of the house, so it was also just really nice to be outside of my four walls. I used to run regularly but due to post-Covid problems/recovery, I have not been able to get back into this. Over the two-week challenge, walking has been a great way for me to slowly pace myself back up to health and hopefully back to the level of running I was used to."
Shorifa - MMP Office Coordinator
indoor bike
“I think the idea of sponsoring each other was a good idea this time round - choosing the goal was a lot harder."
"I was originally going to do a cycle and row from my house to Paris (virtually) but when the reality of the distances involved hit me, I realised that I just couldn't do it in the time available."
"In the end, the bank holiday weekend gave me the time to push through 100km of cycling and 25 km of rowing to hit my 200km cycling and 55km rowing challenge. I had a few post-exercise moments where I was a little sore but nothing to moan about"
I am delighted we are raising money for a worthy cause"
Andy - MMP Account Director
exercise log

Overall, the experience pushed us all and enabled us to expound our energy for a great charity.

During this challenge we raised £511.59. This is an amazing amount that we hope will be a small boost to the volunteers at Canine Concern who are going the extra mile to ensure that the most vulnerable are supported.

This was our last charity event for this financial year. We are now looking forward to discussing what the next charity (and challenge) will be.

If you have any suggestions as to the next great charity we can support, then do please let us know!

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