Delivering added value to your clients

As trusted advisors to your clients, there is an expectation that you can provide expertise across a wide variety of corporate tax services. It is natural that companies looking to claim R&D Tax Relief, R&D Expenditure Credits. Patent Box, Creative Industry reliefs or RDA's will turn to you, their trusted partner for advice in this area.

Does your practice provide the depth of experience and expertise if the client's technology or Patent estate is complex? Can you assess the clients technology with knowledge that is borne from experience of delivering thousands of successful claims from start-ups to very large complex businesses?

While you may submit claims on behalf of your clients, technology tax relief claims require a unique combination of knowledge and experience of specific and varying business disciplines; Technology, Tax, Finance and Operations.

If your practice relies on the client to determine which, why and how much of each project are eligible and write up their own technical summaries, then this is an area where MMP can add value and de-risk the claim for your client.

The starting point for technology tax incentives is the ability to understand and articulate the client's technology. MMP's qualified scientists and engineers do this every day; it is all we do. We don't do any other tax or accounting work. Combined with a deep understanding of the rules and guidance of the technology tax relief schemes, we ensure claims are robust, accurate and most importantly hassle free for the clients and you, their accountants. We manage the whole project, reducing both their and your workload allowing you to focus on the clients overall needs.

Technology Tax Reliefs

MMP deliver real value and enhance your relationship with your clients

Working with MMP

MMP already work with many Accounting and Tax Practices to assist their clients with technology tax reliefs. Your clients will get the same high level of client service and passion as our own direct clients from first meeting to engagement to approval and feedback and we keep you informed every step of the way so you feel part of the delivery to the client.

If you get asked about any of these services

We offer a number of different commercial models and services for working with Accounting firms and practices and will be happy to outline these schemes to find the appropriate way of working with you and your clients. This ensures that your clients get the best service and value from a claim and your practice continues to be a trusted advisor to your clients.

We are looking to work with Accountancy firms that either do not offer these services at all or have the odd client they would prefer not to work with on these incentives – too complex, too large for instance. Contact us now and see how we can work together

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